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Europe lockdown latest: The European countries at risk of lockdown as Omicron surges


Cases are steadily declining in the Netherlands, but 14,700 new infections are reported on average each day.

The country is now back under lockdown measures, with non-essential shops, restaurants and bars closed until January 14 after Covid cases have soared in the country.

Schools and universities are also remaining closed until at least January 9.

Caretaker prime minister Mark Rutte said on Saturday night: “The Netherlands is going into lockdown again from tomorrow.”

Mr Rutte said the lockdown was “unavoidable because of the fifth wave caused by the Omicron variant that is bearing down on us.”

People are being advised to stay at home where possible, with limits on who can meet.

In peoples homes there is a maximum of two guests allowed, this number rises to four guests between December 24 and 26, and on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.