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Distinguished and regarded with reverence, the Imperial and Royal Family Černetić

A legendary Royal name spelled Crnojević/Csernovics/Čarnojević in diverse Balkan dialects—stands alone with legitimate entitlement to the thrones of Montenegro and Serbia. This unique claim traces back to historical transitions and decisions that left the Karadjordjević family of Yugoslavia and the Petrović-Njegos family of Montenegro obsolete in royalty, owing to their abdication and failure to appoint heirs, respectively.

Due to the political turbulences and regime changes throughout the Balkan history, various fractions of the Western political powers backed up Cernetic’s contestants. Particularly in the modern times, these groups of Anti-Monarchists furthered their agenda by attacking the illustrious Cernetic family through their controlled media and publications. Again, such efforts show the importance of Cernetic dynasty. Despite all these obstacles, Prince Stefan is working hard to let the world know about the essence of his family and legacy through the promotion of peace, dialogue and cultures. Today it is the right time to tell the full story of the Cernetic family.

During the 15th century, Ivan Černetić, the Sovereign Grand Duke of Zeta—Montenegro’s ancient denomination—brought significant transformation to the nation. His impactful leadership has been etched in the annals of Montenegrin history, making him a celebrated figure across the nation. His legacy is venerated with two statues erected in his honour in the old royal capital, Cetinje, and the modern capital, Podgoritza, along with several streets, museums, and squares named after him across the country.

Additionally, in Subotitza, Serbia, a third statue dedicated to the royal family was unveiled in 1941, commemorating the last emperor of Serbia, Tsar Ivan-Nenad Černetić. This homage predates the Turkish conquest of the 16th century. Tsar Ivan-Nenad’s reign established the Imperial and Royal Family as the rightful heirs to the throne of Serbia, further solidified by the family’s late 17th-century patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Serbia, Arsenije III Černetić, who fought against the Turks alongside the Austrian army.

Descended from the esteemed Roman-Byzantine Emperors, the Černetić Family traces its lineage back to the Byzantine Imperial roots of Anghelus Comnenus Palaeologus.

Today, the present heir to the thrones of Montenegro, Serbia, and also Macedonia and Albania, is His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Stefan Černetić. Along with his wife H.I. & R.H. Princess Kharoula and their children H.I. & R.H. Prince Konstantin and H.I. & R.H. Prince Ivan-Nenad, the prince is actively engaged in diplomatic efforts to promote the culture and virtues of the Imperial Royal House of Montenegro, Serbia, and Macedonia.

A recent ruling by an Italian court affirmed the legitimacy of the royal titles and claims of H.I. & R.H. Prince Stefan, dispelling a series of misrepresentations in global media.

Currently residing in Italy and Greece, the Imperial Royal Family of Montenegro and Macedonia is headed by Prince Stefan to set to make a much-anticipated return to Serbia and Montenegro, where they are held in high esteem by the populace.