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Empowering Wellness: CiR Wellness Pioneers Tailored Health Experiences for Personal Growth and Longevity

In the journey towards a healthier lifestyle, Lauren Arborio and Patty Baret have recognized the complexity of navigating the vast wellness landscape. This led to the creation of CiR Wellness, a comprehensive platform aimed at guiding and linking individuals with a carefully selected range of wellness professionals, experiences, retreats, and spas worldwide. “It provides both packages and à la carte services tailored to meet the needs of each client, encompassing a range of experts from registered dietitian nutritionists, fitness trainers, to yoga instructors, holistic practitioners, and your own personal wellness coach to keep you on track and accountable,” Arborio explains

Previously, Arborio and Baret founded Connections in Recovery, focusing on mental health and substance misuse in markets like California, New York, and Europe (Paris, London), which is still in operation. Building on this experience, CiR Wellness emerges to cater to a broader audience seeking to live consciously and healthily.

Baret reflects on the natural progression towards wellness. “We’ve long considered integrating a wellness aspect into our services. A few years ago, we explored bringing wellness into the substance disorder community by introducing more trauma-informed yoga at several C4 Recovery Foundation conferences. CiR offered these sessions before and right after the conferences ended (each on the same day). With our extensive experience through Connections in Recovery since 2011, we believe now is the opportune moment to launch CiR Wellness.”

The initiative for CiR Wellness was sparked during the pandemic, a period of introspection and realization for Arborio about the need for a platform that could cater to anyone’s health aspirations. “CiR Wellness stands out by offering tailored experiences that resonate with individual wellness goals, ensuring options that accommodate personal commitments and financial considerations,” shares Arborio.

Moreover, Arborio and Baret enrich CiR Wellness’s offerings through hosting panel discussions with wellness experts. Their most recent one, held in the Caruso Village Swarthmore room near Malibu, Calif., featured prominent figures like Medea Juhas, Michelle Kronenberg, Danielle McCarron, and Yvette Rose, who covered a wide array of topics, from holistic health to mindfulness, nutrition and pain management.

A consensus among these experts underscores the importance of movement, clean eating, and mental health as foundational elements in the wellness journey. CiR Wellness aims to cut through the clutter of misleading health trends and fads, providing guidance to navigate the wellness landscape effectively. As a central hub for wellness connections, CiR Wellness positions itself as a guiding force towards a personalized and fulfilling journey to better health and longevity.

The next CiR Wellness Panel will take place in New York City, on May 9, 2024, at ARRIVE (formerly Studio 26), at 129 West 29th Street, on the Second Floor. More details announced soon on CiR’s socials

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