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Anti-vaxxer dentist who used FAKE ARM to get jab in bid to swerve lockdown is ‘struck off’

Guido Russo was caught out by medics when he wore a silicone and foam arm at a vaccination centre in Biella, Italy, last Thursday. The 57-year-old is understood to have made the brazen attempt in a bid to fool doctors into giving him a Green Pass – a certificate used to prove an individual has been vaccinated, tested negative or recently recovered from COVID-19.

Mr Russo is now being investigated by authorities and told reporters the ordeal has “ruined” his life.

Medics at the vaccination centre raised suspicions after a nurse felt his silicone arm did not match that of a normal limb.

It is understood even after being rumbled, Mr Russo still tried to persuade staff to inject the prop with the vaccine.

The incident came as the Italian government outlined plans to tighten rules on people who are unvaccinated.

After Mr Russo was identified by local media in Italy, he told reporters: “You ruined my life. Go away. I’ll call the police.”

The dentist had previously made his anti-vaccine stance known with a sign on the door to his dental practice in Biella.

It read: “The presentation of the green pass is exclusively VOLUNTARY.”

Mr Russo has reportedly been suspended from the Order of Doctors.

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She added: “He was wearing a stage bust and, when I discovered it, he even tried to make a joke.”

The nurse then reported the incident to the doctor on duty.

Coronavirus restrictions in Italy for those who are unvaccinated came into force today.

The measures, which restrict access to public spaces and services, were announced last month and before the discovery of the Omicron variant.

Under the new rules, only people who have been vaccinated or have recently recovered from COVID-19 can access indoor seating at bars and restaurants, visit museums, go to cinemas and clubs and attend sporting events.

A green pass is available to the unvaccinated. but only if they have had a negative COVID-19 test within the past 48-hours.

The pass is also mandatory on all public transport, with police given the powers to impose fines of €400 (£340) for those who do not comply.