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Angela Merkel crippled EU chances to hit back at Putin with controversial power move

Angela Merkel struck a controversial deal with Moscow to secure access to energy for Germany through the Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. But Mark Dolan argued the agreement with Vladimir Putin effectively “cripples” all chances of the European Union hitting back at the Kremlin due to one of the bloc’s leading states now depending on Russia. The GB News host said: “Following the Japanese Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, Mrs Merkel made a decision on behalf of the German people to abandon nuclear energy.

The resulting legacy is an old-fashioned, fossil fuel burning economy, with a carbon footprint the size of a yeti and a total reliance on Russian gas. Extraordinarily, Germany is now dependent on Vladimir Putin for its energy.

“This cripples any chance of Germany or EU member states being able to talk tough with the Kremlin. For the Germans to receive the gas they need from Russia, they must accept Vladimir Putin’s new pipeline, which is called Nord Stream 2.

“Except that this new pipeline allows Putin the freedom to cut off all energy supplies to the Ukraine, the Russian invasion of which has already begun, with the annexation of the Crimea.

“So ultimately if Ukraine falls to Russia, this will be on Germany and on Merkel. Germany is now in Russia’s back pocket.”

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Mr Dolan continued: “Germany is still an economic powerhouse, but it but it’s an old business model of heavy manufacturing, to which they will continue to lose market share to China in the years to come.

“Britain, with its emerging green technologies, tech sector, digital expertise, innovation in science, creative industries and massive service sector is anticipated to see Britain match Germany’s economic output within the next two decades.”

Angela Merkel officially stepped down as Chancellor after 16 years on Friday.

And this week former European Council President Donald Tusk claimed Mrs Merkel admitted to regretting striking a deal with Vladimir Putin on the pipeline.

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Mrs Merkel went along with the deal despite the EU facing intense scrutiny over its dealing with Russia since the annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014.

The Chancellor maintained she had taken criticism of the project on board but insisted the pipeline would benefit Germany and the bloc.

Member states import the vast majority of their gas from outside the union’s borders, with Moscow being the biggest supplier.

Mrs Merkel said: “I know that there is controversy about Nord Stream 2 and I know the opinion of many member states.

“But I would like to point out that the gas delivered through Nord Stream 2, which isn’t yet flowing, is no worse than the gas from Nord Stream 1, that which flows through Ukraine, and that which comes across Turkey from Russia.”