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Chinese officials ‘changed WEATHER to prevent rain falling on Communist Party parade’

The celebrations were led by President Xi on July 1 at Tiananmen Square. However, to stop any rain falling on the parade, researchers at Tsinghua University found that the clouds above were laced with chemicals to reduce air pollution and guarantee clear skies.

After doing this, the rain was induced by the chemicals the night before.

The research paper said: “Results show that emergency measures played an important role in improving the air quality.

“The artificial rain on the night of June 30 bettered the air quality on July 1, but the role played by pollution reduction was primary.”

“The reason behind this phenomenon was the ‘gradual’ emergency measures, and the nearer the event drew, the stricter the measures became.”

The researchers continued: “Given that the artificial rain was the only disruptive event during the period, we can believe the sudden fall in the PM2.5 density was caused by the artificial rainfall.”

US Chief of space operations David Thompson recently warned of the threat which China poses to the country – with their sights being set on outer space.

Mr Thompson deemed China as a “tremendous threat” to the US.

He told Fox News: “China is a tremendous threat as you heard and noted.

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“Our capabilities are the best in the world in space.

“But they’re moving aggressively, they are moving quickly and we need to adapt our approach.

“We need to adapt what we do and how we do it in order to keep pace and outpace them.

“But they are a threat, they can threaten us kinetically.

“The Russians on November 15 conducted a destructive and anti-satellite test and the Chinese did a similar test in 2007.

“They have robots in space that can conduct attacks. They conducted jamming attacks and have a full suite of cyber capabilities.

“China is absolutely an incredible threat that we have to address now and in the future.”