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Woman ‘overwhelmed’ after gifted free easyJet holiday for her act of kindness

A woman was completely “overwhelmed” as she was given a free easyJet holiday following a random act of kindness. Philippa was traveling home from seeing her father intensive care when she picked up the passport dropped by another female passenger and gave it back to her,

Unbeknown to Philippa, the other woman was an “actor” who was part of a social experiment by budget airline easyJet to see how many people would pick up and return the passport.

EasyJet set up a secure camera at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool as they filmed an actor who would pretend to drop her passport on the floor.

Those who returned the passport were given holiday vouchers and free flights from easyJet crew.

According to The Liverpool Echo, it was all part of a scheme to celebrate World Kindness Day.

The lucky winners will be able to choose from 104 different destinations to travel to from the UK using their vouchers, including across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Philippa said that the unexpected gift was extra special as it came amid the difficult circumstances of visiting her father in intensive care.

She said: “It gave me even more pleasure because I was on my way home from visiting my father who was in ICU, so this was a real lift and I am so grateful, being kind should never be difficult, it should be within us all.”

Robert Birge, Chief Customer Officer for easyJet said that the gifts typified the welcoming ethos of the airline.

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He said: “A warm welcome and great service are what our brilliant easyJet crew are famous for, so we loved taking the opportunity this World Kindness Day to surprise our fantastic customers as they headed off on their travels with a particularly special welcome from our crew, to celebrate their everyday acts of kindness.”

Euan Hendry, Senior First Officer at easyJet said that the gifts were a reward for the airline’s “fantastic” customers.

He said: “We were delighted to be able to spread some kindness to our fantastic customers in Liverpool for this year’s World Kindness Day and are proud to be part of our easyJet celebration to recognise and celebrate acts of kindness, no matter how small.”

World Kindness Day is a global celebration of random generous acts which is held every November 13th.

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According to easyJet, it has been held for over 30 years with the simple message “it’s easy to be kind.”