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Gibraltar Covid panic as the Rock reaches worrying milestone – Omicron cases on the rise

Data released by HM Government of Gibraltar on Wednesday recorded 592 active cases of COVID-19, 573 of which are residents of the Rock and 19 are visitors. This brings the total number of confirmed cases in the pandemic to 8,421.

Total deaths attributed to COVID-19 now stand at 100.

On Tuesday, Gibraltar passed the milestone of 500 active cases, with published data aware of 60 new infections.

Of these 60, 48 were vaccinated and 12 unvaccinated and 57 were residents of Gibraltar.

The previous day had registered 439 active cases.

Of the infections registered on Tuesday, 141 were identified as the new Omicron variant.

There were no people being treated in intensive care on Tuesday, which changed on Wednesday as one person in Gibraltar was hospitalised with COVID-19.

This is down from two people who were being treated in intensive care on December 27.

Latest data highlighted that 141 people had become infected with the Omicron variant, overtaking those with Delta at 112.

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“This is largely because the Omicron variant is now in general circulation in the United Kingdom.

“Gibraltar will however continue to maintain its Red List unchanged but this will be closely kept under review as the epidemiological situation changes in Gibraltar.”