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‘Disrespectful’ daughter sparks uproar with funeral photo by ‘father’s coffin’

Reddit users reacted with anger to the picture of a woman standing suggestively in front of what is said to be her father’s coffin. She is wearing a tight black mini dress and lifting one leg to strike a pose.

“Holy crap, this is so incredibly disrespectful.”

Another one commented: “Her own father…

“That’s just sad and I hope someone yelled at her for it.”

With a third adding: “The internet has completely desensitized us to emotions and common sense.

“Never pass up an opportunity to self promote,” said one user, with another one adding, “People in the comments are telling her to take it down, but I’m sure she’ll keep it up for the clout.”

“She’s influencing my decision on whether life is worth it,” added another one.

The word “trash” is all one user could find to describe how they felt about the picture, with others joining them in saying, “This is so trashy that I can’t upvote” and “That’s pure trash.”

Some users speculated the shot may have been “staged” in an attempt to go viral on social media, but even if that was the case, one user argued, in a disappointed tone: “It doesn’t change the fact that she thought it would be a good idea to stage a photo of her flexing…in front of a coffin”.