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Covid LIVE: Belgium issues new restrictions – PM warns ‘mutation more infectious’

Belgium had more than 10,000 new infections in under a week, last week. They saw 500 patients in ICU, with just 2000 beds in total.

As a result, they have made home-working mandatory for four days a week and tightened rules on mask wearing.

In the hospitality industry, in addition to using a Covid Safe Ticket (CST), staff and customers must wear a mask when they’re not seated. The rule also applies to theatres, concert venues, museums and cinemas. The CST will be required for events attended by at least 50 people indoors and at least 100 people outdoors.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said: “The epidemiological situation is in the red, but fortunately, thanks to the effort of those who got vaccinated — nine in 10 adults are vaccinated — we’re not facing a lockdown.”

Mr De Croo continued: “We are also going towards a very broad face mask obligation. This includes indoor areas, but also at events if they take place outside.”