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Cleaning: Mrs Hinch shares ‘perfect’ and quick cleaning routine for dog owners

Mrs Hinch is the proud owner of a cocker spaniel, but if anyone knows how to keep things clean despite having pets, it is Mrs Hinch. Follow these “Hinch your fur babies” tips to banish unwanted dog hair and muddy paw prints for good.

The cleaning mogul stated: “As my Hinchers know, Henry is my life” – he even has his own bedroom!

But despite adoring her fur baby, things can get undoubtably dirty when there’s a dog at home.

To combat muddy paws, Mrs Hinch stated: “He’s got his own Tessa tea towel, which lives in his basket under the stairs along with his coat, poo bags and lead. So if he comes in the house after we’ve been for a walk I’ll wipe his little paws with it.”

As for muddy paw prints on laminate flooring, Mrs Hinch recommended Vera, as “the paw prints are gone in seconds”.

However, carpets are a completely different story.

“If your dog runs up the stairs and gets mud on the carpet, whatever you do don’t try and wipe it off when it’s wet. You may be staring at it wanting to cry but you will be so much better off waiting.

“Once it’s dry, I use a Barry bristle brush to brush away the nasties. I hoover up the dried mud, and then use Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover to get rid of leftover marks, if any.”

She continued: “I also keep my carpets fur-free using the Squeegee/window scraper method. While this is great for getting hair and fluff out of your carpets, it also has a knack for grabbing tiny dog or cat hairs you wouldn’t even know are there.”

Mrs Hinch’s quick dog grooming fix is a grooming glove that removes loose hair, and a refreshing dog dry shampoo that is “fab for quickness”.

During a more rigorous clean, it’s important that dog owners wash their dog’s collars too, according to Mrs Hinch.

“I’m sure people don’t think about it that much. If they’re leather, you can wipe them over with leather cleaner, and fabric ones can go in the washing machine.

“And bicarbonate of soda cleans, refreshers and eliminates odours – it’s perfect.”

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Mrs Hinch’s Henry has his very own human bed, but even if this is not the case for other dogs, these bedtime tips will work a treat.

“Every morning I make Henry’s bed and give it a spray with the Dettol spray because it’s great for pet beds generally.

“I also turn the cushions the other way up so if Henry does happen to get any marks on them you can’t see them. And if he does, I’ll just pop the pillowcases in the wash and tumble dry them straight away.”

A favourite “five-minute job” of Mrs Hinch’s is to “brush down the sofa and then give them a whizz with the Dettol spray or Febreeze”.

She concluded: “I’ll also use Shelley the handheld Shark to suck up any pet hair or debris. I use her every day anyway so it’s no problem at all. Even if Henry rolled in mud and then rolled all over my carpets I would let him off, and I can’t say that about any humans.”