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‘Large magnitude risk’: Nut eaten by millions may be ‘major’ contributor to mouth cancer

Martin Preston, founder of Delamere rehab, added: “Some medical professionals believe that any amount of alcohol consumption can increase the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, voice box, oesophagus and breast.

“Furthermore, if you were to drink in the region of three or more drinks every day, this can increase your risk of developing stomach cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer.”

Research has consistently shown that fried food is directly linked to stomach, rectal and colon cancer, but its involvement in mouth cancer is less clear-cut.

Several studies that have set out to elucidate this link have found a moderately increased risk of oropharyngeal carcinoma in men.

Iron, which participates in some fundamental cellular functions has also been associated with oral squamous cell carcinoma when consumed in high quantities.