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A high-end Tron shaped bike is finally here, and we love it

Leaf energy Inc, a start-up that produces electric eco-friendly transport solutions is introducing a smart e-moped style scooter are introducing an eMopped smart full electric bike, REO that has been designed to deliver a futuristic elegant riding experience. The bike features several design elements to achieve an aesthetic that looks perfectly suited for the new age.

The hanging seat draws a correlation to the main front frame while showcasing a gorgeous looking LED display panel, this is for fans from the technology community. The engine is made by Bosch and the recyclable Lithium-ion high performance battery is by ADTECH with a lifecycle of 2000 charges cycle and can be conveniently charged by plugging the bike to any regular wall power, so we don’t have to carry a charging converter all the time.

What attracted us the most about the Reo is advanced the engeneering is, who would have imagined that a motorbike battery can be charged wirelesly? Well, it sure doe in the REO.

The bike maintains a sleek, functional design that almost has a science fiction-inspired look thanks to its receded seating section. Riders can lean over to the front section like a Light Cycle from the sci-fi film Tron, which further enhances the otherworldly design of the transportation solution while preserving the environment with its strict zero emissions standards.