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Louis Ziskin Thailand Events Drop In, Inc. Board of Directors Statement

For immediate release/ Los Angeles:

DropIn, Inc’s Board of Directors is conducting an investigation concerning the events surrounding the arrest of its founder Louis Ziskin in Thailand. On May 15th, 2021, the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) arrested Mr. Ziskin in Bangkok, Thailand, on attempted murder and kidnapping charges. Mr. Ziskin was released by a Thai criminal court judge on less than 10,000.00 USD bail at his first court appearance. The arraignment hearing is scheduled for July 5th, 2021.

The Board of Directors has removed Mr. Ziskin from his role as CEO so that he may dedicate his full attention to the matters in Thailand.

Based on the photograph of Yu-Ching Wen taken at Nadimos restaurant at 7:00pm, 3&1/2 hours after the alleged kidnapping, extortion, attempted murder and violent assault Yu-Ching Wen claims he was subjected to. [1] and the facts below, Drop In Inc’s Board of Directors unanimously and vigorously, continues to support and applaud Louis Ziskin.

Initial reports on the facts of the case presented by the international and domestic media outlets are patently false, misleading, and incorrect as a matter of fact.

[1] Photo has been verified as to date, time, and location including the presence of police officers who were arrested in connection with this case sitting next to Yu-Ching Wen and coincides with Thong Lor Police timeline of events

  1. Mr. Ziskin was never a United States Marine or enlisted in any military service. In fact, he deeply
    regrets that The United States Marines are being presented in a negative light as he has the
    greatest respect for the United States Armed Forces Members as both his father and grandfather
    were servicemen and, he considers “servicemen and servicewomen to be real heroes.”
  2. Mr. Ziskin was NOT at, in, or near the restaurant where the alleged kidnapping took place. Neither
    was he in any CCTV footage in any area that the alleged crime took place. In fact, the only CCTV footage of Mr. Ziskin was illegally leaked footage of his arrest, which a Newsflare user edited to
    create the impression that Mr. Ziskin was, in fact, at the scene of the alleged crime. 2
  3. Newsflare refuses to respond to requests for source and sponsorship information and has left the
    story up as a sponsored item even after being made aware of the materially false information
    contained therein.
  4. Mr. Ziskin is 51, not 52. This fact illustrates that the media did not conduct the most basic fact
    check, as is their responsibility, regardless of the news source, before running materially false and
    misleading information.
  5. The UK Daily Mail ignored Mr. Ziskin’s willingness to comment and ran a hit piece rife with outright
    falsehoods, material errors, and photographs that misidentified the subjects; this piece also spent
    an inordinate amount of time highlighting company rather than facts of the case, caused direct
    financial harm to the company, and was written in a manner that the effect appears to have been
    deliberate.3 This story was picked up by many news outlets who also did not check the most basic
  6. The AP’s Grant Peck5 also admittedly did not check his email where Mr. Ziskin had “immediately
    responded” to offer comment and ran a story with materially false information that was picked
    up by ABC News and many other outlets. 6
  7. NBC News and others ran a story including materially false information, listing a Reuters byline
    that was picked up by many other outlets.7 Reuters NEVER ran any story on this incident and has
    launched an internal investigation into this matter. Ms. Kay Johnson, Thomson Reuters Bureau
    Chief for Thailand, assessed this matter and sent an official email, wherein she assured Reuters
    did not cover this story.
  8. Mr. Ziskin went to Thailand to file a criminal fraud complaint with the Economic Crimes Division
    of the Royal Thai Police. The report was based on fraud not, a bad business deal, as news and
    media outlets incorrectly reported. Sri Trang, a publicly-traded Thai company, has made clear
    through its legal counsel that all documents, orders certificates, delivery schedules, corporate
    correspondence sent to Drop In Inc by Emily Hsu the CEO of Collections Enterprise, a Taiwan company headed by Emily Hsu, the accuser Yu-Ching Wen, Ted Van, and David Lin that
    represented themselves as the EXCLUSIVE representative for Paddy the Room Trading Co LTD, a
    Thai company, headed by Luk-Fei Yeung Yeung, are fake and fraudulent. Sri Trang states that it
    never had any business dealing with Collections Enterprise or Paddy the Room Trading and was a
    damaged party previously and reported both companies to the Royal Thai Police, Crime
    Suppression Division, and Consumer Protection Police Division.
  9. The media has made no mention of the fact that, Mr. Ziskin did in fact, file a criminal fraud
    complaint against Collections Enterprise and Paddy the Room trading Company with the
    Economic Crimes Division of the Royal Thai Police. This complaint is currently being investigated
    based on voluminous evidence Mr. Ziskin provided to ECD prior to his arrest on May 15 and
    continues to provide to both, ECD and The Thong Lor police department’s investigating officer.
  10. Mr. Ziskin went to Thailand to file this fraud complaint after reporting the fraud to all relevant US
  11. Drop In Inc, at Mr. Ziskin’s direction and at great expense, has kept the 70,000 boxes of used latex
    gloves packaged in Sri Trang nitrile medical examination glove boxes, that were delivered, (out of
    the 400,000 boxes of Sri Trang Chemo rated Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves that were ordered
    and paid for) under lock and key at a secure warehouse in Los Angeles, in order to make sure they
    would not enter the medical system and, with the hope, that US authorities would retrieve them
    as evidence.
  12. Drop In Inc is contractually obligated to its customers to pursue this matter to the full extent of
    the law in every applicable jurisdiction.
  13. DropIn Inc’s Board of Directors stands firmly behind Mr. Ziskin while the Thai legal process
    continues to unfold based on Mr. Ziskin’s belief this is “bigger than profits because human lives
    are at stake,” his behavior that has clearly demonstrated that to us, his personal integrity, and
    significant additional evidence that the Board of directors has reviewed itself and believes proves,
    Mr. Ziskin’s innocence, and that Mr. Ziskin should never have been arrested in the first place. The
    Board of Directors continues to investigate and will share more details once they been
    independently verified.
  14. Mr. Ziskin has always been candid about his history as a convicted drug trafficker; he speaks to
    children, drug addicts, and at halfway houses. The Board of directors has found and continues to
    find his behavior since his release from prison exemplary and based on the evidence it has seen
    and examined, unanimously agrees that Mr. Ziskin’s behavior in this matter is no less exemplary
    and, looks forward to being able to reveal additional details as soon as Thai law allows. Further,
    the Board of Directors unanimously agrees that Mr. Ziskin’s history being used against him in this way, and nine years’ worth of good works and charity since his release being ignored, is horrific
    and makes his current behavior in the face of this fraud all the more commendable.
  15. Drop In Inc’s Board of Directors has ordered the creation of a website to enable the public to see
    the mountains of evidence including emails, chats, videos, and photos and will notifiy the public
    in the coming days when the site is ready. We encourage the public and the media who find this
    case of interest to examine the evidence on the site and offer comment if they have any additional
    information regarding Collections Enterprise Taiwan, Paddy the Room Trading Company Thailand
    or any of their employees and representatives including but not limited to Luk-Fei Yeung Yeung,
    Emily Hsu, Yu-Ching Wen, Ted Van and David Lin.
  16. Drop In Inc’s Board of Directors urges the public and media to independently examine the case
    having been handled by ECD under the direct supervision of the Office of the Attorney General,
    given the elements of cross-border organized crimes repeatedly committed across multiple
    jurisdictions. If you have any information about Collections Enterprise Taiwan, Paddy The Room Trading Co Thailand or For further information or media inquiries. Kindly contact