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‘We’ve been foiled’ Quality Street fans react to surprising chocolate change

The company has had to temporarily change the colour of the two chocolates due to a shortage of foil. For the first time in history, Green Triangles will be wrapped in gold foil while Orange Crunches will make the change and be wrapped in a dark bronze foil.

Despite the new look, the parent company Nestle has assured chocolate lovers that the change is only temporary and the chocolates themselves have not been changed in any way.

It was discovered last week at Nestlé’s Halifax factory, the home of Quality Street, that the usual socks of green and orange foil would not be able to cover a planned production run.

Nestle decided to make a change to the wrapping paper instead of getting rid of the iconic chocolates so that Quality Street lovers would not miss out on their favourite chocolates this Christmas.

Production at the factory is now back to normal, but a limited run of a series of Quality Street products, such as tubs, pouches and cartons, will be in supermarkets in the upcoming weeks.

A spokesperson for Quality Street, and Senior Brand Manager of the company, Jemma Handley, said: “I promise this isn’t a publicity stunt. We’ve not added full-size chocolate bars to the tin or removed the coconut flavour from a handful of tubs.

“We simply didn’t have enough of the right coloured foil to cover the production run of the two sweets in question and, rather than leave them out of the selection altogether, we decided to use different colours for a very limited period.”

She continued: “We are fairly sure this is the first time this has happened so anybody who finds a green triangle or an orange crunch in a different coloured foil will have something of a rarity on their hands.

“I am pleased to say that it’s the same delicious hazelnut and orange sweets inside the wrappers, regardless of their colour.”

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On Monday afternoon, Quality Street announced the temporary change on their social media pages by stating: “We’ve been foiled! Your favourite Green Triangle might be wrapped in gold this Christmas, it’s still the same but with an extra sprinkle of magic!”

The company shared a picture of both Green Triangle foil packets side-by-side, however, some fans of the holiday sweets were upset about the change.

One outraged fan wrote: “Well, that’s spoilt my Christmas.” While another stated: “Don’t mess with a masterpiece!”

Another hopeful commentator, perhaps inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate factory, inquired: “Do we get a prize if we find a gold one?!”

However, one chocolate lover had an incredibly strong reaction to the change and wrote: “A green triangle is….and always will be a GREEN TRIANGLE. Please don’t change it. If anything…. you need to make boxes of pure green triangles, and bags of green triangles, and chocolate bars infused with green triangles, and green triangle Christmas drinks, and green triangle pyjamas. GREEN TRIANGLES……… You get my drift.”

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This isn’t the first change Nestle has made to the iconic Quality Street sweets this year, as the company decided to change the plastic wrappers for recyclable paper.

It was the first time the company has changed the shiny plastic wrappers in 86 years when founder Harold Mackintosh launched the chocolate in 1936.

The company hopes to keep 2 billion chocolate wrappers in a year out of landfills.

In a twist of fate, at the time only Green Triangles and Orange Crunches were not impacted by the change announced in October, as traditionally both chocolates have never had a plastic wrapper.