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VWC: Your ticket to the most prestigious and valued watch collection in the metaverse.

Watches are valuable pieces of jewellery that often appreciate over time due to their functionality, collectivity, and aesthetic. They are also a reflection of personality and character.

NFT watches have taken the industry by storm, and with good reason. These watches are unique items you can own in your wallet, on your devices, and in the Metaverse, all while maintaining the uniqueness and functionality of traditional watches.

Why Should You Buy an NFT Watch?

To best explain why you should buy an NFT watch, let’s take a walk down memory lane. When we lived in the era of the pocket watch, nobody could have imagined a reality where each person had a smartphone in their pocket constantly telling the current time. Such a reality would have surely suggested the “inevitable” death of the watch industry altogether. Nonetheless, revenues in the watch-segment currently estimate around $12Billion per year in the US alone, with an expected growth of almost 2% annually. What watch lovers like ourselves understand better than most is that the wristwatch’s value is in more than just its functionality. Centuries ago in Paris, in the year 1810, the first wristwatch was created. At the time (no pun intended), it was built with convenience and functionality in mind. Centuries later, we have a world buying more watches than ever, and very few consumers would attribute those characteristics as the primary reasons for their purchase.

Let’s also take a look at how the internet itself has evolved. First, we had Web 1 in the 1990’s which allowed people to consume static web pages. This was a revelation and an incredible technological feat for its time; something never seen before that generated scepticism, and even fear. Then came Web 2 in the early 2000’s. It has allowed people to not only consume but also create on social platforms, which continues to send ripples through our society today. Consequently, this new technology is only made possible by a ‘middle man’ who retains the right to limit, terminate, monitor, and extract value in the form of information from users. This brings us to where we are today, the cusp of a generational/technological transition. Web 3 adds ownership to the mix. People are now able to create, consume, own, transfer, trade, buy, and sell unique, permanently-stored digital assets through the luxury of decentralization, which removes the ‘middle man’ and allows for the existence of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

With that in mind, you might not fully embrace the idea of cryptos or blockchain, but you can’t deny the fact that the Metaverse is a reality. So without a doubt, NFT watches will soon become the new normal, and their prices will skyrocket. Before that happens, it’s time you think about owning an NFT watch.

VWC Virtual NFT Watches: Best NFT Watches to Own

VWC is a company that is at the centre of this new revolution of watches. Virtual Watch Company features a team of devoted watch gurus familiar with the watch industry that design unique pieces with both tradition and modernity in mind. These NFT watches can be stored in your wallet in the form of an ERC-20 token, which has become the technical standard for smart contracts stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The VWC collection will be made up of various, uniquely designed models in a variety of colours and styles, including a number of exclusive Collectors Edition models. For each mint of a VWC watch, the user will receive two NFTs they can choose to collect or trade on the open marketplace. One NFT will be your new Genesis Collection watch, locked inside a watch box until the specified reveal date. The other NFT will be a special Orb that contains a secret, randomized surprise to be revealed on a later date that will serve as a reward to the believers who trust in the team’s vision and commitment to the VWC brand.

The most exciting thing about these watches is that they will maintain the functionality and collectivity aspects of traditional watches while introducing innovative and unique designs. These watches were never intended to be mere “pictures of art”, they are functional time-keepers who will not only be available for use on your personal devices, users will be able to wear them in the Metaverse!

Are NFT Watches a Good Investment?

VWC watches are introducing something unique and new to the NFT world. Soon enough, these watches will be the most sought after items in the industry. The virtual world is a reality today and its user base is rapidly increasing. We are confident that, together with our community of believers and watch-lovers, we will build VWC into the most sought after NFT in its class.

How do I purchase a Virtual Watch Co. NFT?

  1. Go to the VWC website:
  2. On the website you will find links to the various social media pages where you can receive updates, stay up to date on changes, and get sneak-peaks of the Genesis Collection.
  3. Follow on Instagram and Twitter @virtualwatchco and don’t forget to Join the Discord server if you want to get involved with the growing community and earn a chance to “whitelist”, which guarantees you the right to at least 1 mint. (
  4. The Mint (purchase) process will be broken up into different phases in order to keep gas costs low. A link will be provided to the public directly from the team’s social media on the pre-sale date, and then on each public sale phase date, accompanied by step-by-step instructions on how to complete your purchase and begin your journey as a VWC collector.
  5. Check out our Road-Map for more details!