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Taiwan vs China war would unleash ‘global catastrophe’: ‘No room for miscalculation’

A Taiwanese lawmaker has warned an all-out conflict with China for control over the island nation would result in a “global catastrophe.” Wang Ting-Yu is a member of Taiwan‘s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee and told that, while the Taiwanese Government shoulder their full responsibility for defending the island, the international community needed to send a strong message to Xi Jinping.

Mr Wang told “We need to protect ourselves and send a signal to the world, make China…make Beijing realise there is something they can do.

“There is no room for their miscalculation, otherwise, we will face the catastrophe for the whole world.

“We try to protect our democracy, we cherish our democracy because under this kind of threat for more than 40 years, we establish our industrial capability.

“We make our economy performers, better and better day after day, and we value the democracy we struggle for that.


“So now China want to annex Taiwan, they want to destroy our democracy, our freedom to choose our own future.

“So our 23 million people here on this tiny island, we know the risk and the responsibility is on our own shoulder,” he added.

“We cannot rely on our country’s security and the safety of the other countries.

“However, the international society, the community they need to understand if there were anything going wrong in this region, that would create catastrophe globally.

“So since then they are using their air fighters, bombers, their vessels to harass Taiwan more aggressively, so, to Taiwan, the Chinese Communist threat is kind of daily life.

“However, we understand that China they gain their capability day after day so we need to be cautious, we need to watch their moves closely.”

He continued: “Now the real danger in this region is the Chinese PLA (People’s Liberation Army) their military, they are too competent, they are too cocky.

“So when Xi Jinping…he has his agenda, he wants to be a king in China, he broke his [term limit] for the coming year 2022, and he enhanced his military, so his military try to increase conflict they are confident to create conflict in the South China Sea, in the borderline near India, and in Taiwan Strait even in the East China Sea close to Japan. So the real danger in this region is if China they miscalculate, they miscalculate the situation.”