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OnlyFans mother barred from volunteering at her child’s school over account

Victoria Triece, 30, has two children, five and 10, at the Sand Lake Elementary school in Orange County, Florida. The mother-of-two is now threatening to sue the school after she was told she could no longer volunteer.

Parents at the school found pictures of Ms Triece on OnlyFans, where she posted adult images of herself.

The website, while not explicitly pornographic, sees creators charge subscribers for exclusive content and is often used for adult-content.

They complained about it to the school, who then barred her from volunteering to help run activities.

The mother-of-two said she felt “judged and isolated” after the incident, and said she is doing nothing illegal.

Speaking to reporters at the office of her attorney NeJame Law, Ms Triece defended her usage of OnlyFans.

She said: “It’s nobody’s position to judge what anybody does in their private life.

“If I’m not hurting anybody and I’m not affecting anybody’s day, then it’s somebody’s choice to do something that’s fully legal.

“It affected a parent who went and paid to see my content, but then they had to go send in these photos of me to the school and make me not be allowed to be around children anymore, which I’ve done and dedicated my life to for pretty much five years.”

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Ms Triece intends to sue the school board for $1million (£730,284.07) in damages, and has demanded she be reinstated as an “ADDitions volunteer”.

Her legal team said the basis for damages include denying her the right to participate in her children’s lives and denying her the choice of livelihood.

They added Ms Triece is also seeking damages because of “the ridicule she has suffered and will suffer as a result of being banned for no reason other than offending the moral sensitivities of another for what she does privately”.

The school declined to comment, citing “potential, pending or ongoing litigation.”


Amy Kupps, 32, from North Carolina, was also forced to quit her teaching job after the school board was alerted to her OnlyFans career.

She told the Mirror: “After I left my teaching job I was really upset because everyone working there seemed to turn their backs on me.

“I never expected to hear from any of my former colleagues again and I was so embarrassed that they would have found out through gossip.

“I was quite surprised when one of them checked in on me a few weeks afterwards.

“I was even more shocked when they told me they had subscribed to me on OnlyFans.”

In August, OnlyFans binned plans to ban sexually explicit material from their platform.

Tim Stokely, chief executive and co-founder of the platform, blamed the potential ban on porn on OnlyFan’s financial backers.

He told the Financial Times: “The change in policy, we had no choice – the short answer is banks.

“We pay over one million creators over $300m every month, and making sure that these funds get to creators involves using the banking sector.”