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Joe Biden appears to read from notes during brutal grilling by journalists

Mr Biden could be seen repeatedly looking down as he reeled off statistics and figures relating to the USA’s response to climate change, which he claimed is built into his Build Back Better Plan and the enormous Infrastructure Bill.

The President told reporters who questioned the “underwhelming” commitments made by G20 nations towards climate change that his policies will play a key role in tackling environmental catastrophe.

Mr Biden said: “I believe we will pass my Build Back Better Plan and my Infrastructure Bill!”

He then appeared to look down to reel off supposed investment figures of the bill, saying: “Combined they have 900 billion dollars in climate resistance and dealing with climate resilience.

“It is the largest investment in the history of the World and it is going to pass in my view!”

Mr Biden then appeared to look down at his notes yet again as he went reeled off what climate change initiatives are included in the Infrastruture Bill.

He said: “Oh and by the way! The Infrastruture Bill delivers an awful of things in terms of everything from tax credits for electric vehicles.

“To making sure we can invest literally billions of dollars into everything from highways, roads, bridges, public transport and airports.”

The President went on to lambast Russia and China for “not showing up” to G20 or COP26 as he accused them of not making commitments to the environment.

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