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Crafty Border Collie goes undercover in flock of sheep – and it’s hilarious

The breed is known for its slick and stealthy movement, but this dog has taken it to another level. A viral video of the clever canine sees the dog huddled together with a herd of sheep in a crafty disguise. He’s totally concealed as he sits covered in wool next to his farmyard pals, hoping that nobody will notice. In the background to the clip, the audio says: “Nobody’s gonna know. How would they know?” The camera focuses on the collie’s face as the canine con artist does his best to blend in.

One commenter wrote on the clip: “Day 105. I’ve gained their trust and now I’m their leader.” Another added: “Wolf in sheep’s clothing, literally.”

“Don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious,” another wrote, referencing another popular TikTok audio that would be rather fitting for the clip.

Another joked: “Dog’s like ‘you’re embarrassing me! The sheep ain’t buying it and I look like an old lady that’s never had a hair cut.”

The American Kennel Club says collies are a ‘remarkably bright workaholic’, as they are capable of learning several words, tricks and tasks.

The club adds: “The intelligence, athleticism, and trainability of Borders have a perfect outlet in agility training. Having a job to perform, like agility or herding work is key to Border happiness.”

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