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‘Courage long lost!’ Guy Verhofstadt torn apart after calling for action against Poland

Amid the row between Poland and Hungary over the rule of law, Mr Verhofstadt used European Day of Justice to call on the EU to stop all threats to justice and law in both countries. Commenting on his Twitter post, however, Natasha S said: “Seeing as it took you this long to actually judge Turkey, based on the ‘expulsion’ of foreign diplomats, while previously turning a blind eye to all the rest it’s done…courage is long lost my friend.” Jelle M Troelstra also said: “I know there were certain parties a while ago that also wanted to destroy personal and national sovereignty.”

Alain Boone said: “It’s understandable that Poland does not crave to relive the Soviet era.”

The comments were sparked after the outspoken MEP claimed courage among EU leaders is failing.

He said: “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

“Instead of celebrating the European Day of Justice the Commission and Council can better act in Poland, Hungary & against all threats to justice and the rule of law.

“The instruments exist, only the courage among leaders is failing!”

The EU has clashed with Hungary and Poland over laws that have threatened the integrity of the judiciary, journalists, and the former’s anti-LGBT law.

Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, travelled to the EU last week to discuss matters with the Commission.

Amid the new laws in Poland, the EU has enacted rule of law proceedings against the state, which may result in its voting rights being suspended.

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“But if someone will attack us in a completely unfair way, we will defend ourselves in any possible manner.

“We feel that this is an already discriminatory and a diktat type of approach from Brussels.

“But if this is going to be even worse, we will have to think through our strategy.”

The Polish prime minister also claimed the money should have been paid to the state.

He added: “This money should have already been paid.

“This is a breach of procedure by the commission.

“They are in breach of rule of law.”