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Joe Biden mercilessly mocked on Australian TV as host’s impression causes panel to cheer

The Australian Today Show panel discussed the recent SNL parody sketch which mocked US President Joe Biden as his popularity continues to sink, according to the polls. But while the presenters praised actor Jason Sudeikis, who played one of the “Joe Bidens” in the sketch, they looked closer to home and offered up their newsreader, Alex Cullen, to show off his hilarious impression. Wearing large aviator sunglasses, Mr Cullen sat on the Today sofa with his colleagues in hysterics as they watched his impressive mimic.

Mr Cullen was introduced onto the show as Joe Biden and thanked his fellow presenters for letting him on.

He told the programme it was “great to be here” and that “today is a day of democracy and hope”.

The newsreader then went on to discuss the Capitol Hill riots with the panel roaring with laughter at the eerily good impersonation.

The American national anthem could also be heard playing in the background with presenter Karl Stefanovic clapping his hands.

Mr Cullen slowly left the studio, complaining his back was hurting, as the presenters handed over to the next show.

But the impressions did not end there with Today presenter David Campbell then showing off his Donald Trump impression. 

SNL performed a sketch mocking the US President where Mr Biden spoke with the past versions of himself.

The comedy show insulted Mr Biden’s teeth, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and his dramatic fall in the polls.

Mr Biden’s popularity has faced several blows despite his short time in office.

The US President came under international condemnation for his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan which saw the Taliban retake the country in a few days.

Mr Biden’s lack of transparency and avoidance of the press on the issue made many question whether he was suitable for office.

The Democrat leader has also continued his media evasion where White House journalists were rushed out of the Oval Office so they could not ask questions during Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s trip.

Footage showed handlers shouting and ushing reporters out of the room after Mr Johnson answers a few questions from UK press.

A formal complaint was lodged by White House correspondents who accuse the White House of preventing them from holding the President to account.