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Britons offered contracts to house migrants as annual Home Office hotel costs hit £2.4bn

The Sun reports the Government is looking for solutions to the skyrocketing hotel bill for those crossing the Channel illegally which has hit £2.4billion a year.

The Serco offer to those willing to house migrants includes leases of five years, all council tax and utilities paid, as well as property management and maintenance and no handling fees.

A report from the Refugee Council published in July this year said that over 26,000 asylum seekers were being housed in hotels as of 2021.

This year more than 38,000 migrants have arrived in the UK and the Sun reported the Home Office spends around £7million a day on housing.

Dover MP Natalie Elphicke said: “The small boats crisis is making it much harder for Brits already struggling to keep a roof over their head or get a home of their own.

“This underlines why it is so important to tackle the crisis to reduce pressure on housing and other vital local services.”

Speaking to the home affairs committee on Wednesday Dan O’Mahoney, the Clandestine Channel Threat Commander, told MPs the Royal Navy has prevented hundreds of drownings as migrants try to cross the Channel in flimsy boats. He added: “Some of them will need our help and will file asylum claims.

It reads: “Serco provides asylum accommodation and support services in the North West of England, Midlands and East of England.