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U.S. directorial debut of The Mega Celebrities jammed packed into this independent music documentary and on the soundtrack has led to racking up many award nominations for both

Most independent movies begin losing steam shortly after the release date. An
independently funded music documentary and soundtrack with production costs
totaling over one million dollars cash solely paid for by it’s director Horse
‘ El Caballo ‘ Wren is breaking that mode. This film is just making a lot of
industry noise on a global scale. From various notable and on the rise
independent film festivals are gravitating to a mega
star-studded business side of the music genre of rap and r&b film. The
documentary was directed by it’s soundtrack executive producer Horse ‘ El
Caballo ‘ Wren. Who came up with a brilliant idea and ingenius concept to
interview the Biggest names not only in music but, major label executives and
break the real music industry down to it’s foundation. Some of the record
label executives on the film’s panels are from Roc Nation, Def Jam, Epic
Records, Interscope, and Eone music. Mega music stars such as,Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Rihanna, and many others are all in this historic documentary which will be watched and discussed for many years to come. Asking the question:

“How come no one else, ever thought to put a concept like this together and make a
movie out of it?” A direct quote from director “Media conducts
many interviews and never fully capitalizing from the knowledgeable jewels
these celebrities are telling about their rise to the top and how some
maintain their success in having a career in the music industry!” – Horse ‘ El
Caballo ‘ Wren – “My documentary is the first and it is now dated to that
fact, but I know many copycat ideas will follow.”

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