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Shamima Begum ‘faked sadness’ for TV after citizenship stripped – body language expert

In 2019, the ISIS bride was filmed opening a letter from then Home Secretary Sajid Javid outlining that she had had her British citizenship revoked. In the footage, Ms Begum appears to be deeply upset by the decision. But now new analysis from body language expert Dr Cliff Lansley suggests that Ms Begum staged the entire performance in a shameless effort to get sympathy from Britons.

Speaking on Shamima Begum: A Faking It Special, which airs on Saturday December 11 on Discovery+, expert Dr Lansley slams the infamous terror bride, who left her Bethnal Green home in 2015 with two chums, aged just 15, to join Islamic State, for a “very poor effort” at deceit.

Analysing Ms Begum’s reaction, Dr Lansley explains: “She’s forming this pitiful face and it’s being posed, because we can see it’s being created by the chin boss being pushed upwards. 

“When we see children do that, we call it a pout or a sulk.” 

Dr Lansley suggested that these efforts can be characterised as Ms Begum “building an image that she’s harmless.”

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He adds: “But just before she starts with that little advertisement about herself, we get two contradictory body language signals.”

Dr Lansley suggests how the first of these is a “mouth shrug” which the body language boffin says is clear evidence that Ms Begum is faking her sadness.

He notes how this is one of the combined features that we see when people “have no confidence in what they’re saying”.

But the expert goes further, pointing out how other signs of faked sadness include Ms Begum’s shoulders rising and her mouth is “arching” sometimes with her eyebrow raised.

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Dr Lansley notes how Ms Begum can also be seen faking her sadness in another interviews from the refugee camp in Syria where she lives after being accused of “helping the enemy of Britain” and attracting other teenagers to join the death cult Islamic State.

The expert dismisses Ms Begum insistence that “I didn’t want to be on the news” as he points out “the look of pride” instead of regret in the terror brides body language.

He explains: “The body is elevated, the head is elevated, the chin is out with confidence. We also see the eyes slightly tightening with the cheek riser muscle, so this is a genuine smile.”

But in perhaps the most concerning observation of all, while Ms Begum claims that she has no intention of causing any harm should she return to the UK, Dr Lansley highlights that is a flat out lie and deception.

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He says: “What we have here are the eyes closed… which is just about half a second.

“If I make a claim that I don’t want to hurt anyone, I’ll connect myself with that statement; I’ll say I don’t want to hurt anyone.

“But if I say I don’t want to hurt anyone and close my eyes while I’m using those words, we see that as a contradiction. It’s a deception indicator.” 

In a frank conclusion, the body language expert admits “this was a very poor attempt from Begum to try and display sadness to attract sympathy to have her case reheard, appealed, to allow her to move into the UK.”