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Russia ‘incredibly irresponsible’ to launch missile in space test ‘1.5k pieces of debris’

The Russian government have created a deadly missile that would completely destroy a country like America. Claims have been made that the 670mph Zircon hypersonic missile is completely ‘unstoppable.’ After a successful test of the hypersonic missile, There was a successful test on November 18. Vladimir Putin has given the go-ahead for a full-scale production at a top-secret plant close to Moscow city. LBC Radios Tom Swarbrick spoke with Head of the UK Space Agency Dr Paul Bates to discuss the missile launch.

Dr Paul Bates told LBC yesterday morning that, “The UK government and the space agency is part of it and the US government have all said how incredibly irresponsible it is to of carried out this test”.

He said describing the reactions from Western governments over Putin’s latest actions.

Describing the environmental effects of such a test, he stated, “There are now fifteen hundred pieces of space debris, new pieces of space debris that are in a cloud in low earth orbit.”

“It was relatively close on the scheme of things for the space station that’s why the astronauts including the Russian cosmonaut had to shelter.” Dr Bates concluded.

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Dr Bates continued, “It puts satellites at risk this is exactly the sort of thing we are trying to guard against.”

Presenter Tom Swarbrick asked about the clean up of the latest test missile as the fallout was now in the earth orbit.

“Dr Bates responded by saying “Yes it there are all sorts of different ways and some of the companies in the UK people like D-orbit,

Astroscale are doing exactly that.” 

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“There are demonstrator projects going up where we try to harpoon it, you can catch it in a net you can link it, all these technologies are possible.

“This is one of the amazing things about space we’re learning all the time what the right ways are, in this case, to capture satellites and safely de-orbit them.” Concluded Dr Bates.

President Vladimir Putin has now ordered the Zircon missile to be implemented next year by the Russian Naval forces.

Putin boasted about his latest powerful weapon saying that it is, “truly unparalleled … in the world”. 


The Zircon will be set up on Russian frigates and, later, on submarines at sea.

Russia’s deputy premier Yury Borisov said in a statement last month that Russia had beaten countries in the West in a hypersonic weapons race and that Russia is determined to maintain its lead.

Mr Borisov said: “We have broken forward, specifically, in the sphere of hypersonic weapons and those based on new physical principles.”

He concluded: “We now have serious advantages in this regard over the leading Western countries – and will try to maintain this position.”