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New exhibition in Finchley to examine the role of fake news in our lives

A NEW exhibition will explore the role of fake news in our lives.

#FakeNews is an exhibition at Offshoot Gallery in East Finchley presented by contemporary arts organisation ArtCan.

Thirty artists will present their response to issues affecting today’s society. Figurative and abstract paintings feature alongside satirical and political works, mixed media, screenprinting and photography, as well as sculpture and 3D pieces. Some artists have created work from pre-used objects and materials, there are works exploring visual overload and multi-media mayhem, portraits that consider British identity and cultural differences, and landscapes that have been affected by climate change. There will also be a piece of live performance art that investigates the role of females in today’s society and will be shown on opening night.

To compliment the themes of the artwork on view, a series of events, speakers and workshops will take place alongside the exhibition.

The exhibition runs from Thursday, March 5, to Sunday, March 8. For more information visit