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Moment RAF and US fighter jets intercept Russian bombers as war fears erupt – VIDEO

A video from one of the Russian bombers shows the RAF jet coming close by on an interception trajectory. The dramatic cockpit footage was captured as the Russian bomber flew towards British airspace on Friday. The Russian bomber was a nuclear armed Tu-160 ‘White Swan’.

According to Mil Radar two Russian Tu-160s approached Dutch airspace before being intercepted by the RAF.

The bombers were then reported as flying north into international airspace over the North Sea.

However, the Russian bombers never entered UK sovereign airspace.

In the video, the two supersonic Tu-160s are seen refuelling in mid-air.

The on-board video then shows two British Typhoon fighter jets flying closely along-side the Russian bombers.

An RAF spokesperson said: “Fighters were scrambled against unidentified aircraft approaching the UK area.

“Subsequently, our fighters escorted the Russian aircraft out of the UK’s area of interest.

‘”At no time did the Russian bombers enter UK sovereign airspace.”

A Russian spokesperson insisted: “All flights of aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Force are performed in strict compliance with the international rules of using air space.”

In a statement, the MOD said the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) from the Typhoons were scrambled “against unidentified aircraft approaching the UK area of interest”.

“Subsequently we intercepted and escorted two Russian Tu-160 Blackjack, long-range strategic bomber aircraft.”

The news comes after the Russian defence ministry on Thursday claimed it had scrambled a fighter jet to intercept a British spy plane operating near Crimea.

However, speaking of the incident, a UK Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: “We do not recognise these claims.

“Wherever the RAF operates, it does so in full compliance with international laws and exercises its right to freedom of overflight.”