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Discover the Inspiring Leadership of Le’Marqunita De’Sharay Lowe, Founder and CEO of Black & Creme

The proprietor of Black and Creme views herself as an entrepreneur by nature because she has always been incredibly creative, goal-oriented, and diligent. Her first foray into entrepreneurship began when she became an independent author in high school, marking the beginning of her path to success. Later in life, she established Mercury III, a line of vegan cosmetics. Le’Marquinta wanted to be aware of making a fashion brand that merged these themes since she loves beauty, fashion, nature, people, and the cosmos. She therefore proudly states that the concept and source of the company were formed when she was a child when people inquire about her fashion and clothing enterprises and how she managed to achieve so much.

Currently, she is a therapist, fashion enthusiast, and CEO of three businesses which is a great achievement as an African-American woman. Like all other entrepreneurs who struggle a lot initially, she managed to stay steadfast despite challenges. The most important aspect of how she got innovative ideas is to start sustainable black-owned businesses. Her vegan, fashion and clothing based businesses are sustainable and her team is focused on creating environmentally friendly products.

 She shares her journey to success in these words,

“I’m still in the educational field except in a different capacity. I work with toddlers as an early interventionist, and then there is, of course, my entrepreneur side. I have three businesses. My first business is Black and Creme, which is a sustainable fashion and clothing industry. My second business is Mercury lll, which is a plant-based and vegan handmade Cosmetics company. And then an editor of a magazine that actually just started up last month”.

Le’Marqunita continues to be completely in love with entrepreneurship, and she also draws motivation from her sister and mother. In light of the fact that she observed how hard her mother and older sister worked to raise a family, as most mothers do, we can infer that her morals originated from her. She has assisted her in every way, is diligent, and has a kind heart. When Le’Marqunita has difficulties in her personal or professional life, she draws strength from her sister and observes how she handles problems and deals with challenges with a large heart. This is what motivates her to keep going.

My mother and my sister are my inspiration. My mom is the perfect human creation of hard work, sacrifice, and never giving up. My sister has taught me the meaning of unconditional love and always believing in myself.

We all know that she presently manages three businesses, and the concepts for each of them were inspired by daily routines. For instance, when she used to create cosmetics and other items for children to use while playing, she had the concept for Mercury ll. It is therefore obvious that she has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and is aware of how to successfully implement an idea by persevering, working hard, and being dedicated. As she is also a PhD student, a therapist and an enthusiastic person by nature, her life struggles are a great lesson for the people who want to succeed in their lives.

Her life’s a beacon of light for all those who dream big and have the courage to pursue their dreams regardless of the challenges that come their way.