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China erupts as Japan becomes latest nation to pull officials from Olympics

Journalist Priyanka Sharma discussed the tension between Japan and China- on Wion News.

Ms Sharma discussed how countries from around the globe had been pulling out of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which are set to start in February 2022.

In recent weeks western governments had been annoying diplomatic boycotts to the Games, refusing to send any government state officials to the event due to disagreements and fractured relationships with China.

Ms Sharma explained why Japan was the latest country to pull out of the Winter Olympic Games due to political disagreements between state officials.

Ms Sharma said: “In the latest developments coming in from the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics China has urged Japan not to politicise sports.

“Over a sudden back-out of its officials from the upcoming winter games.”

 A spokesman for Japan, Zhao Lijian said: “China welcomes the Japenese Olympic committee, other relevant persons and Japanese athletes.

“To participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, we have noted the relevant remarks from the Japanese government.

Mr Lijian added: “We hope and urge Japanese side to implement China and Japans commitments to support each other’s Olympic Games.

“And not to politicise sports China is confident that it can work with all parties to realise a more united Olympic spirit.

“And present a simple, safe and exciting Olympic Games to the world.”

Other countries have boycotted the Beijing games, one of which is the UK, in early December Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave his reasons in Parliament.

Johnson said: “Mr Speaker it’s clear from what I said earlier on, the government has no hesitation in raising these issues with China, as I did with President Xi the last time I talked to him.

“There will be effectively a diplomatic boycott the Winter Olympics in Beijing, no Ministers are expected to attend.

“What I think the house and no officials Mr Speaker, but what I can tell the house – I do not think that sporting boycotts are sensible and that remains the policy of the government.”

The Prime Minister of Australia also called for a boycott of the games admitting they would not be sending any of their officials over to China as the relationship between Australia and China had deteriorated.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “So it is not surprising, therefore, that Australian government officials would not be going to China for those Games. Australian athletes will, though. Australia’s a great sporting nation and I very much separate the issues of sport and these other political issues. They’re issues between two governments.

“China has not invited any Australian government officials to attend the Winter Olympics, and no one would care about whether they come or not,

“And obviously, it is of no surprise that we wouldn’t be sending Australian officials to those Games.

“There’s been no obstacle to that occurring on our side, but the Chinese government has consistently not accepted those opportunities for us to meet about these issues.”