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Boris Johnson “poisoning the well’ of British democracy and must resign, says Keir Starmer

The Labour leader alleged that “flagrantly breaks the rules” and then “drags as many into the gutter with him by forcing them to defend his rule-breaking.” He said: “The taunt that politicians are all in it for themselves becomes accepted wisdom.

“That mistrust suits Johnson just fine. If all politicians are all as bad as each other he can be as bad as he likes.

“But it’s not fine for our democracy.

“It only serves to convince people that things cannot get better, that the Government cannot improve people’s lives, and that progress is not possible because politics does not work.

“But in the right hands, used in the right way and for the right reasons, politics can work, it can be a noble cause to build a better country and a better world.

“Everyone who cares about our democracy has a vital interest in restoring belief in that truth.

“But it can’t happen whilst Boris Johnson and his politics of cynicism are poisoning the well of our democracy.”

The comments come days after a new report by The Telegraph claimed that officials from Downing Street partied a day before Prince Philip’s funeral was scheduled.

This was reportedly the first party held in 2021.

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Faced with a mutiny among his MPs and activists, the PM is said to be plotting a fightback to save his premiership, which he is calling Operation Save Big Dog.