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Berlin Based Author, Gabriela Charatsari, Publishes New Book

Best-selling author Gabriela Charatsari just released a new hit book, The Magical Kindergarten, on November 13, 2021. With her creative, original stories, Gabriela has distinguished herself in the children’s author space over the last few years. Her books center around teaching children the importance of emotional intelligence, learning core values, and how to overcome challenges through imaginative storytelling.

Gabriela often takes inspiration from real people in her life and turns their stories into magical fairy tales. Her newest release, The Magical Kindergarten, takes inspiration from a close personal family friend, and the main character, Medina, is based on their daughter and is dedicated to them.

The Magical Kindergarten tells the story of 5-year-old Medina and her excitement to start her new kindergarten. In the attic of their home, Medina finds a magical mirror that shows people’s true character. Medina decides to take her new mirror to school, but she learns that her amazing and lovely teacher has a dark secret and is using it against the children. Her discovery leads her on an unforgettable adventure to save her peers.

Through Medina’s story, you learn that it is a classic tale of never judging a book by its cover and always being cautious of new people or strangers you may come across in your life. Children can learn the value of their actions through Gabriela’s original, inventive storytelling, and they can learn the path to becoming a good person and a great friend. The education told through Medina’s story teaches invaluable lessons on emotional intelligence combined with learning compassion and kindness is priceless.

Gabriela hopes her book will inspire your children to make good decisions in life and friendships. Her books center around educational values and teaching good morals through good storytelling. Children can learn a lot when they have a character they can relate to and an enjoyable story to go along with.

Many of Gabriela’s books tell beautifully crafted tales teaching important lessons to our children through colorful worlds and relatable characters in settings and situations that they are familiar with. She has written over 12 children’s books over her career as a talented children’s author. Her book Buzz the Brave, a story about a bee with an unusual appearance and is a touching tale of diversity and acceptance, has recently won a Golden Award from Literary Titan.

The Magical Kindergarten is suited for children 5–10 years old and available in English and German. You can purchase this story and many of Gabriela’s other children’s books through Amazon and many major book retailers.

The Magical Kindergarten