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Armed police scrambled to ‘very serious machete attack and car firebombing’ in UK town

Numerous emergency vehicles were reen outside Deighton Road Working Men’s Club in Huddersfield this evening. It came after one witness told Yorkshire Live that “something big” was going on at the west Yorkshire club.

Another witness claimed that a “very serious” machete attack and a firebombing had taken place at or near to the club.

West Yorkshire Police has yet to confirm anything apart from that it is “responding to an operational incident”.

A spokesperson added that it “is currently ongoing.”

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Ambulance Service said: “We have been called to an assault at Deighton Working Men’s Club and have conveyed one male patient to hospital.

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Another witness said: “Something big is going on around Deighton Working Men’s Club.

“Just seen all services whizzing past my window and partner just drove past the pub on the way to work.”