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Tiger shot dead after biting zookeepers arm – police open fire after grisly discovery

Eko, an eight-year-old Malayan tiger, was shot after being found with a cleaner’s arm in its mouth. The incident took place at Naples Zoo in Florida on Wednesday. After attempts were made by the sheriff’s deputy to free the man, the tiger was shot after it refused to release his mouth.

The tiger made its way into its enclosure after being shot, but was sedated shortly after by a vet to be safely examined.

Shortly after, the tiger was announced to have died from its wounds.

According to reports by NBC News, the cleaner, in his 20s, was seriously injured.

The cleaner was taken to a hospital in order to be treated for his injuries.

As part of his job, the cleaner would clean toilets and also the gift shop.

They had been hired by a third party for his services.

Reports suggest that the cleaner put his arm in the enclosure, and was not supposed to be in the area.

This incident took place at 6:30pm, when the zoo was closed.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office commented on the response to the shooting of the tiger.

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The tiger arrived at Naples Zoo in December 2019.

Twitter users responded to the incident which took place at the zoo.

Bill Hoover wrote: “Quite literally natural consequences for the human.

“Absolutely no reason to kill the tiger.

“Change that tragic policy.”

George Brauchler wrote: “Wait, what? The tiger was killed? For being a tiger?

“Dude violates the rules and common sense and tries to PET A TIGER…which then responds—not like a stuffed animal or a kitty—but like a TIGER…and the Tiger gets killed?”

Mrs Libby questioned: “Why on earth was the tiger shot?!”

Vanreuter said: “The tiger did no wrong.”