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Supermarket sweep! Gibraltar shops so bare staff filling fridges with kids’ toys and BBQs

A man who lives in the British Overseas Territory has revealed that numerous supermarkets have employed the unusual practice after being hit with acute supply shortages. This has been caused by a mixture of the Covid-induced global supply chain crisis and the UK’s Brexit deal.

It has affected products ranging from butter to meat – causing them to skyrocket in price over the past six months, they revealed.

The man, who did not wish to be named, told “Prices are sky high and there’s hardly anything in the shops.

“They’re continuing to climb on a weekly basis. It’s been like this for the past six months and has progressively got worse.

“So many shelves are empty and have been for weeks, especially fridges.

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The man claimed that up to 90 percent of the products that stock the shelves are shipped from the UK.

With delays to shipping some of this has been out of date when it arrives and has to be thrown away, he revealed.

He added: “There is virtually no dairy, very little or no duck at all, no turkey apart from frozen and only one brand of sausages.

“Cream comes every other day and the milk section is empty by late afternoon.

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“It’s been like this for six months and is getting worse by the day.

“The stuff you can get is going up in price every week too.

“Every time I go to the supermarket it seems like they’ve added at least 50p to each item.

“Butter was £2.95 now it’s £3.50.

“Cheese has gone from £3 to £4.50 and even stuff like Bovril has gone from £2.95 to £4.50.”