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Putin’s ‘world in turmoil’ plot exposed by former Europe minister -‘chaos destined to win’

Bruno Maçães, a former Portuguese Europe minister, has given an insight in the powerful Russian President and outlined some of his potential plans for the future. The 47-year-old said President Putin has an unusual way of operating and likes to send “ambiguous messages to his deputies”, in a move likely to spark “chaos”.

Writing in the New Statesman, Mr Maçães said: “He [Putin] will have everyone guessing at the meaning of his words.

“In the case of things going wrong, it was simply because this meaning was not accurately interpreted.

“Under these conditions, chaos is bound to grow, but it is seen as productive and capable of reinforcing state power.”

The former European official noted the growing influence of Russia around the world – and cited the ongoing situation in Belarus and Europe’s energy supply woes.

“Some leaders side with order, others choose chaos. Putin believes that nature has a preference for chaos, so the latter are destined to win.

“Russia may be a sick man but a sick man with a gun is still a dangerous man, and in a world in turmoil we may all end up sick anyway. That is the Russia Putin plans to leave behind.”

Speaking at the plenary, President Putin said Covid has served as a “reminder of how fragile our community is”.

He added climate change has become “so obvious that even the most careless people can no longer dismiss”, and noted the raging wildfires in Siberia.

The Russian leader also reignited the prospect of war with Ukraine after more than 100,000 troops were deployed to the region already this year.

He said: “Formal [Ukrainian] NATO membership may never happen, but military expansion on the territory is already underway, and this really poses a threat to the Russian Federation, we are aware of this.”