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‘Not this hard on terrorists or migrant traffickers’ Macron brutally shut down over curbs

On December 27, the French President made it known that he intended to be firm with the French population who have not yet received any dose of a COVID-19 vaccination. He said he heard the call of the French which is why he does not want to increase the restrictions.

He said: “We need to take proportionate measures.

“As soon as we take measures that affect the vaccinated, we move away from our strategy and the line we’ve been following since the beginning: putting constraints on the non-vaccinated remains our absolute goal.

“The French are exhausted. Young people do not want to be at home.

“We can’t stop everything: social links, work, leisure, economy.

“It is out of the question. I must look after the health of the French, but also their morale”.

However, the French President is facing backlash from his own Senate and Opposition parties following his announcement, with many announcing they will not vote for the bill.

Julien Odoul, spokesperson for the National Rally party in France, tweeted: “Never before has this government targeted Islamic terrorists, drug traffickers, or illegal immigrants with such violence.

“This hunt for the non-vaccinated is an infamy.

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“The bill has not yet passed through parliament, but the posters explaining the vaccine pass are already being printed.

“It is disturbing for democracy to see how easily some people are ready to disregard the parliament.”

Senator Laurence Muller-Bronn added: “Just like Alain Houpert, I will not vote for the vaccine pass bill.

“It is a discriminatory law to punish a part of the population and it is not based on any scientific evidence.”

French health minister Olivier Veran warned lawmakers of the tsunami of new cases as France recorded a staggering 208,000 new Covid cases over the last 24 hours.

This marked the highest number seen in Europe throughout the entire pandemic.

Speaking to those not vaccinated, Mr Veran said: “There is really little chance that this time you can escape (Covid-19): The virus is spreading too fast.

“The circulation of the virus is too strong.”

He continued: “There are three categories of people who are not vaccinated.

“It’s a magma of people who have become entrenched in a form of protest that can sometimes be close to delirium.

“From 15/01 it will be necessary, from the age of 12, to show proof of vaccination to access leisure activities, restaurants, bars, fairs, seminars, trade shows and interregional transport.”