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‘Not ruled out use of force’ China ambassador blasts EU over Taiwan trade negotiations

China‘s ambassador to France has warned the EU from brokering a trade deal with Taiwan as Beijing doubles down on efforts to force the island to unification. Lu Shaye was pressed repeatedly on whether a trade agreement between Brussels and Beijing would cross a “red line’ for China. Discussing attempts by China to annex Taiwan the ambassador warned the Chinese Government had “not ruled out the use of force.”

The Ambassador was asked: “There is talk of maybe negotiations between Taiwan and the EU of trade and economic agreements, would this be a red line if those agreements were negotiated, and even concluded?”

Mr Shaye replied: “We are opposed to any country or group of countries with diplomatic relations with us having official relations with the authorities in Taiwan.

“So if this happens this would be a red line for you,” pressed the France24. 

“We are against the Taiwanese authorities undertaking actions that undermine the relations between the EU and China, ” Mr Shaye. 

The ambassador insisted Beijing was seeking “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan but warned that Beijing had “not ruled out the use of force.”

Mr Waye told France 24: “Our main method is peaceful reunification and in fact, you would have seen that the Chinese government is implementing a lot of measures to promote cooperation economical and other sorts of cooperation in the region around the straits.

“This serves to serve the people who live in Taiwan but we cannot let Taiwan separate from the country so we have not ruled out the use of force, but it would not be used against the people of Taiwan.

“It will be used to dissuade the separatists in Taiwan and some foreign powers in Taiwan.”

“Urban warfare training is very important because 90 percent of Taiwan’s population lives in towns and cities.

“[In the case of an invasion] the Chinese communist troops’ battle plans will be invading a landing first from coastal towns.

“Then the fighting will progress into populated residential and commercial areas, and lastly push into mountainous villages.”

The latest drills saw Taiwan Army infantry and tanks conduct complex operations in mock-up urban settings.