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Moment blind dog realises where’s she’s going leaves viewers in tears

Viewers quickly fell in love with the Pyrenees, with one user commenting: “She can have my eyes, I don’t need them anymore.”

Another commenter wrote: “I am a grown man who is in tears at this video. She can have my eyes.”

A third added: “Oooh this breaks my heart. I’m glad she’s being taken care of by her loving human.”

The dog has sadly been totally blind since suffering two detached retinas, which were causing her repeated headaches as a result of Uveodermatologic Syndrome.

This is a rare disease which attacks the eyes and skin, even turning fur white, although this was not an issue for the already white Pyrenees.

Ultimately, she had to have both eyes removed, but it hasn’t stopped her living life to the full, enjoying walks and zooming around the yard. 

Pyrenees as a breed are described by The Kennel Club as a natural guard dog, with a quietly confident temperament.