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MaMa Africa [Uganda] RuffyDaz[feat.ALL STARS] by K I Media World

MaMa Africa (Uganda) is an upbeat, happy song featuring talented performers from all corners of Uganda in Africa. RuffyDaz, Reazla, Laura Atyang, Lanisha Jovia, Molly Brown, Rachel Waiz, and Big Mo perform in six languages on this track, all of which are spoken in Uganda. The universal language of music perfectly portrays the joy found in the country known as the Pearl of Africa.

The artists were chosen by K. I. Media World and Brand Uganda UK to show the world the beautiful Uganda. Fundamental to the video for this song (found on K. I. Media World’s YouTube page) is Uganda’s naturally stunning landscape. From the snow-capped Rwenzori mountains to the largest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria, Uganda has an abundance of natural riches. The Sipi Falls featured in the video are very popular with tourists, and it is easy to see why! But there are so many more, less well-known, locations that many people have yet to have the pleasure of exploring! For example, Uganda is home to the source of the River Nile, and the largest volcanic caldera in the world! The variety of landscapes in Uganda make it a very exciting place to visit. In the morning you could ski in the mountains, and in the afternoon, you could sunbathe by a lakeside. There really is something for everyone!

Alongside the amazing sights shown in the video, there are many more aspects of Uganda that contribute to its beauty. Uganda is a country rich in culture, with each region offering its own dishes to try. The food is Uganda tends to be locally sourced and organic, meaning it is super fresh and extremely tasty. Ugandan food is built around fantastic ingredients, such as sweet potatoes, mangoes, ginger, and green bananas. If you like food, you will be thrilled by the flavours on offer in Uganda!

One of the things Uganda is perhaps most famous for is its wildlife. With a vast range of habitats, Ugandan wildlife is hugely varied and exciting. People travel from all over the world to catch a glimpse of some of the most impressive animals on Earth. With ten national parks and a further thirteen wildlife reserves, you are never far from amazing wildlife in Uganda. From Giraffes to Chimpanzees, Elephants to Gorillas, Uganda is home to some of the best-loved creatures on the planet. There are a wide variety of beautiful birds in Uganda too, including the country’s national bird, the Grey Crowned Crane.

Uganda is packed with incredible nature for tourists to enjoy. The song MaMa Africa (Uganda) gives us a tantalising taste of what we can experience in this beautiful country. It really is very easy to see why Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa!