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Macron’s grim graph which explains his hard line on Britain

Mr Macron’s support is currently trending downwards, according to Politico’s Poll of Polls.

The site, which collates data from a selection of polls and plots them onto one graph, found his support has fallen away over the last month.

Although he is still atop the list of potential candidates likely to win in the 2022 election, he recently forfeited some would-be voters.

He currently has roughly 23 percent of the prospective vote, down from 24 percent on October 11.

At the same time, Ms Le Pen is rallying support. She has made a one percent gain over the same period, rising from 16 percent to 17 percent – though this comes after dipping significantly in recent weeks, having previously been neck-and-neck with the premier.

Politico’s analysts expect Mr Macron is still on course to win the race, however.