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Leaving A Legacy And Uniting A “Legion of Potential Legends” At Twenty Five

Calynn M. Lawrence

Photo credits, Melvyn Windmon.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, a passionate creative on the rise, a starlet in the making or a local public figure, you’ve probably heard about her movement. Calynn Lawrence, Miss United States Universe Tourism 2021 is the Founder of what’s now one of the largest nonprofit marketing agencies in the world, The Fresh Faces Project. Since its inception when she was eighteen years old, Calynn has remained the primary investor, self-funding the vast majority
of its endeavors from her career in Public Relations and Digital Marketing. Between working a 9 to 5 day job and managing a part-time freelance business, the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation, where she has clients from major Fashion Weeks to top-notch fast food chains, she embodies a stark sense of “hustle.”

Well, her hard work is now paying off since she is about to make history as The Fresh Faces Project crosses the 500 participants mark, meaning that her pro bono marketing efforts will have impacted not only the 500 brands themselves but the thousands of people employed by and supported by these brands! At twenty five years old, she is a powerhouse of positive impact and infectious inspiration, fostering change in her community and digitally around the globe.

The clients that she’s assisted have been termed a “legion of potential legends” by the media and range from momagers to musicians to MD’s, many of whom she’s been affiliated with from early in their careers. Some notable ones include teen modeling sensation and circus performer, Miah Green, teen radio personality and former Miss Teen Illinois, Alyssa Gallarneau, multi-award winning actress, Lolita Price, critically acclaimed Hollywood celebrity journalist, Nikoleta Morales, and popular Youtube beauty gurus, The Glam Twinz! Participants have access to a broad range of free and/or heavily discounted services such as being interviewed on some of the publications that they own and partnered sites, being a cast member on their web series, “Chicago Talent” that reached over 80,000 viewers in its first two seasons, and being honored at the annual Fresh Faces Project awards ceremony where participants are awarded with no entry fees, no ticket sales, and no obligatory donation to the cause.

Calynn Lawrence is making her mark on the world of marketing and media! Her work is contributing to a much needed shift in the culture of fashion and entertainment where people praise and promote the up-and-coming and “almost famous” for their moving artwork, service, or social impact on the same level as they do ones who’ve already acquired a massive fanbase. Shattering the “should be’s” and status quos of what deserves fame, The Fresh Faces Project is a remarkable movement and runaway success supporting and uplifting the people who need it the most. It’s undeniable that many of its participants could be the A-listers and tycoons of tomorrow.