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Content Writer, Christine M. Feliciano

Sensational business owner and inspirational Taeler Made breathes and lives translucently through all her endeavors. While remaining open and balanced, keeping true to her spirituality and morals. Her audience on the web gets to see her in the limelight, which she creates, meaning everyone sees what she wants them to see; authentic, although she is also very private. Taeler loves cooking and spending time at home. Taeler has a bold style, and her personality shines in all she does. Taeler says, “I am very hands-on with the creating processes and all other business relations, meaning I get to express what I am comfortable with or like. I like to utilize all aspects of the business, I am detail-oriented and a perfectionist. I do not trust anyone with my vision; no one sees what I see or my creative process; therefore, I prefer to do the work”.