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Game of Thrones book and HBO ending bombshell: George RR Martin latest changes everything

It has generally been accepted that Weiss and Benioff knew the major plot points that would wrap up A Song of Ice and Fire. Even the many fans who were extremely unhappy with the final few seasons of their HBO adaptation, believed that although the path to the final revelations was largely improvised (and hugely unsatisfactory for many), the end result was the same as the books. Martin’s long-term agent, who has been with him since before the first book in the saga was even published, just dropped some major bombshells in a new book.

By now, everyone knows that the author’s initial involvement in the adaptation of his works for the screen dramatically decreased in later years.

The producers had the unexpected problem that the final unpublished books in the saga were taking far longer than anyone expected. So they began to make up their own plot lines which, infamously, did not satisfy many and vocal fans of the books or the TV show.

Up until now, Martin has remained largely philosophical on the subject, while stressing that much will be different when Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring eventually his bookshelves.

His agent has revealed two extraordinary new facts about the situation that could change everything we think we know.

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This seems to confirm that Martin confronted the producers about his concerns, but they choose to carry on with their own ideas for where the storylines should go.

Haas added: “The first five seasons stuck to George’s road map. Then they went off George’s map.”

So where does that map lead?

Did Martin really tell Benioff and Weiss about the most important plot points, like who ends up on the Iron Throne and how Daenerys dies. In fact, will she die at all in the books?

Haas said: “George has not told me who gets the throne at the end of his arc; he will not tell anybody. I believe maybe his book publisher and book agent know, but I do not. And I’ve represented George since 1992.

“So I have no idea where it goes, but the bottom line is that the book’s ending is a more satisfying experience than the show’s.”

This gives fans sudden hope that perhaps Bran will not end up on the Iron Throne. Or if he does, it will be a move far more connected and integrated with his role as the Three-Eyed Raven.

The rather arbitrary deaths of favourites like Varys, Cersei and Jaime must surely be better than a quick blast of dragon fire and some falling (and very carefully paced) masonry.

Likewise, everyone will be hoping for a rather more satisfying, or at least more nuanced, resolution of Dany’s troubled storyline.

However, it is also possible that more popular denouements, like Sansa being crowned Queen of the North and Jon finally finding freedom beyond The Wall might also end differently.

When we will find out remains to be seen. Martin recently posted that he is working “bloody hard” on finishing Winds of Winter. But it has been ten years since a Dance With Dragons and there will likely be another very long wait for Book Seven whenever Book Six eventually arrives.