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Extinction Rebellion booed as climate activists disrupt London Lord Mayor’s show – WATCH

Police quickly brought the small protest to an end and dragged off the Extinction Rebellion activists from the route of the parade through the City of London. Onlookers could be heard booing the eco-mob as they attempt to blockade the street. A large crowd has gathered to watch the 800-year-old event which included bands and soldiers marching through the Square Mile. 

Footage shared widely on social media captures the moment police swooped on a small group of climate activists attempting to mount a banner across the street.

The banner read ‘Invest in Life’ but was only held aloft for a moment before the activists holding it were dragged away.

Demonstrators appeared to have attached themselves to homemade structures and statues which required the attention of officers.

The surrounding crowd booed loudly at the actions of the protestors and cheers their removal.

Elsewhere along the route of the Lord Mayor’s Show four Extinction Rebellion protestors had to be removed after kneeling in the road with their hands in the air.

A pair of elderly-looking members of the group were ushered away by officers.

Another protestor appeared to go limp when police tried to drag him out of the way of the festivities.

Dozens more XR activists were held back by police at other sections of the route on Saturday.

An XR member from the Isle of Barra identified only as Karen said: “We are here grieving for a planet that has been sacrificed by the failure and stupidity of Cop26.

“The bare minimum needed from Cop26 were commitments to leaving oil in the ground and an immediate halt to fossil fuel funding.

“Anything less than that is idiocy.

“As intelligent life on this planet we are already extinct. We know exactly what we need to do and we’re not doing it.”