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Emmanuel Macron blasted for response to Russia-Ukraine ‒ ‘too obsessed’ with election

But it is now unclear to what extent this agreement remains in light of the new developments.

While Mr Macron put the potential meeting together, many have criticised his response or lack thereof to the ongoing crisis on Europe’s doorstep.

Professor Julian Lindley-French, an internationally recognised strategic analyst and adviser in defence, who has worked with NATO, hit-out at the French leader, arguing that he had been too focused on his own political prospects with France’s upcoming election.

He noted that Western European powers including Britain, France and Germany were all “in a mess” over what to do about Putin’s actions.

But, focusing on France, he told “Macron is obsessed with his leadership campaign for reelection and is pumping forwards this EU idea of European strategic autonomy, which can only come as a functional power that France doesn’t have.”

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