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Daisy May Cooper enlists Tiger King star to help settle financial dispute with publisher

This Country star Daisy May Cooper has found a novel way to try and settle a financial dispute with the publisher of her upcoming memoir.

The actress and comedian claims she has not been paid her final instalment by Penguin Michael Joseph for Don’t Laugh, It Will Only Encourage Her.

In an effort to settle the issue, Cooper has recruited Tiger King star Carole Baskin, who is currently suing Netflix over her involvement in the show’s next series, through the video request service Cameo to offer some threatening words and demanding the publisher pays the money.

Cooper wrote on Instagram: “Penguin still aren’t paying me my final instalment, despite doing all the press/ everything they f****** asked for with the book.

“So I am refusing to communicate unless it’s through Carole Baskin.”

In the clip, Baskin says: “Pay Daisy her money. What is the matter with you guys? Pay her what you owe her, for crying out loud.

“Daisy is not going to be talking to you guys any more, she’s going to go through Carole Baskin and bring the message through me to you, because you guys are askin’ for a Baskin by not paying Daisy what she’s owed.

“What were you thinking? Daisy and I are going to come after you and we are going to put you in a cage, just like the animals that you are for not paying what she is owed.

“We are going to be coming after you with nets and leashes and tranquiliser darts, for crying out loud. Yeah, we are just kidding.”

Daisy May Cooper is currently appearing on Sky's Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Pic: Sky
Image: Daisy May Cooper is currently appearing on Sky’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Pic: Sky

The Big Cat Rescue owner, who charges £182 for videos for personal use and £364 for a business video, admitted that she was somewhat confused by the request, and added: “I don’t know what is happening here, but Daisy wants to get paid.

“I usually sign off by saying ‘Stay cool, cats’ but you’re not being cool cats, so pay Daisy and then maybe we can have a cool cats and kittens conversation.”

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The likes of Little Mix’s Jade Thirwall, singer Pixie Lott and comedian Jason Manford all commented on the post, which has been viewed more than 250,000 times, to express how funny they think Cooper’s plan is.

Cooper’s book is set to give an insight into life in the Gloucestershire countryside before her breakthrough project This Country, which she wrote and appeared in with her brother Charlie.

Sky News has contacted Penguin for comment.