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Britain’s Online Shop Sets Sail for Re-Launch in August

Chief Technology Officer, Siraaj Ahmed, has announced that the new version of Online Shop has a scheduled release date of late August 2022. The current marketplace platform features best state of the art features for sellers, and the new pivot will take the best elements of the original marketplace, bringing them to the new version, where anyone can quickly and effortlessly launch their own shop without having to compete over traffic and potential sales on the platform.

The new pivot allows the company to provide greater flexibility and control, with marketplaces usually taking a lions share of profits and utilising traffic to garner sales for people who sell, usually the biggest sellers being foreign businesses from China who undercut local businesses, taking much needed capital from local economies.

Online Shop had become one of the largest e-commerce companies to come out of Europe, within a year it had overtaken the likes of Amazon, Wish and even eBay in traffic, providing everything from luxury goods from Gucci and Louis Vuitton to homeware products from Bosch and gaming peripherals from Microsoft, becoming one of the first marketplaces to carry such a catalog of products.

The board of directors of the business consisting of Terry McGinnis, Robin Vauvelle, Siraaj Ahmed, Ziad Barakat and Alan Zadeh had recently announced that the changing economy has created greater demand for more independent businesses, and less strongarm tactics from big players, creating a necessity for greater local business and entrepreneur support. The company had also increased its hiring capacity, gaining some of the world’s most top talent to help the new business expand, with hires such as Michelle Byun, Taimur Qavi, Dr. Torin Cannings PhD., Amani Durrani,  Gabby Kwon and Joshua Pen to name but a few.

The company had also recently entered into strategic partnerships with former competitor, Amazon, alongside Microsoft and Google for utilisation of its proprietary technology.

CTO, Mr. Ahmed had this to say: “We’re giving back the power to the people, to developers, to businesses owners – we’re creating a community of people who want to succeed, who are motivated by success and most importantly those who want to co-operate and be part of something great.”

The new platform is lauded to have the most powerful technology to launch a shop and sell quickly, including a focus on organic growth for sellers via its partnership with Google, to provide the best and most efficiently optimised services locally, bringing back a sense of discovery. This will provide prospective shoppers to find new local businesses and best prices. With ever growing expansion of current marketplace platforms, most of this traffic is swallowed up by big conglomerates leaving little to no space for smaller brands and businesses.  

The national British economy has experienced a significant boom in more and more businesses going digital and online, allowing for more job creation and significant contribution towards overall infrastructure.