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BlahGigi Mogul In The Making

Contributing writer Efren Arcos Jr.

BlahGigi, 28, is opinionated. For example, when it comes to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, she says, “It is a woman’s body, you can’t tell her what to do with it. It’s our bodies going through it.”

Aside from being a successful influencer and an OnlyFans content creator, BlahGigi hopes to one day do some mainstream acting. She’s also a budding fashion designer (but admits to not caring about labels). “I don’t really care where they come from, as long as I like how they look.”

Even though she’s come a long way from her 9-5 days, BlahGiGi doesn’t consider herself rich… yet. She invests her money wisely, because she hates being in debt. But money doesn’t just let BlahGigi buy nice things, it allows her a seat at the right tables. Money, to me, just means opportunity. It allows me to put myself in situations and be around certain type of people that can elevate my life.” The access that money affords her is what is taking BlahGigi to mogul status.

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