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‘In hot water!’ High speed police chase sees suspected van thief jump off 50ft bridge

Florida man Bryan Gray, 34, was pursued by officers on the Edison Bridge just before midnight on Friday. The chase started after Gray allegedly stole a van in nearby Fort Myers.

Gray continued to speed away from officers as he headed along US Highway 41 Business.

In footage shared to Lee County Sheriff’s Facebook page under the title “DIVING INTO JAIL”, the suspected thief appears to lose control of the vehicle while travelling on Edison Bridge.

As the van veers from left to right it smashes into barriers on both sides of the bridge.

Gray then exits the vehicle and stands on the edge of the bridge.

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While overlooking the Caloosahatchee River, another vehicle comes to a quick stop as the driver runs towards the suspect.

After a brief pause, in which officers watching from the helicopter warn Gray could jump off the bridge, the suspect decides to take the plunge and hits the water seconds later.

Officers aboard the chopper kept sight of Gray as he kept afloat under the bridge.

Local deputies soon contacted Fort Myers Police Department to bring a boat to the location.

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However, Gray’s condition was said to be unknown.

According to CBS News, the sheriff’s office added a jovial but jocular comment to their Facebook post.

The comment read: “While he may not have earned a gold medal for his high drive, Gray did find himself in hot water.”